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Due to abnormal weather patterns that heavily stressed olive trees last year, our company didn’t produce enough olive oil to last from one production season to the next. The winter of 2014 was far too mild in Southern California, and the lack of “chill hours” was very hard on fruit trees. With Nature so far out of balance, olive growers experienced the smallest harvest in 2 decades.

Responding to our customers’ request that we continue offering premium extra-virgin olive oils during the next seven months - from May-December, until the 2015 oils have been milled, bottled and readied for sale - we decided to take interim measures. Our Master Miller painstakingly researched and sourced olive oils of exceptional quality, choosing them for their rich flavor, potent nutritional value and high smoke point. These sourced extra-virgin olive oils were produced in Australia, Chile, Israel and Spain, and were blended by our Miller in our production facility. (NB: Both France and Italy lost 70% of their 2014 harvest to a huge infestation of the olive fruit fly and whitefly caused by over-abundant cold rains.)

The blends our Miller created range from mild and fruity (PROVENÇALE), to fresh and grassy (TUSCAN), and robust and peppery (ANDALUCIAN). They have already received rave reviews from visitors who come on Wednesdays (1-4 pm) and Saturdays (10 am-4 pm) to our free tours & tasting. Our ever-popular “Signature” variety is not included for now but will be back for the 2015 Season.

For our 5 infused extra-virgin olive oils, the infusions were made into the Provençale for the LEMON and MANDARIN and into the Tuscan for the BASIL, ROSEMARY and GARLIC. The infused oils have grown in popularity over the past few years for their versatility.

Cultivation Update : In our grove located in the East end of the Ojai Valley, our olive trees began budding 6 weeks ahead of schedule this spring. During the past few days, pin-size minuscule olives have been appearing – always a happy sight! Thanks to extensive pruning and much more rain than last year, the 2015 crop is sturdy and promises to be abundant. We anticipate releasing the 2015 Season extra-virgin olive oils by December 1, in good time for holiday gifting. To your health!

We invite you to send us an email with comments or questions to info@ojaioliveoil.com.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Ojai Olive Oil Company was founded in 2000 by Ronald H. Asquith (1932-2013). Two years earlier, he had purchased 35 acres of land in the East end of the Ojai Valley. What caught his eye at the time were the grand old olives trees that had been planted in 1880. When the DNA test showed them to be the noble, Spanish variety Lechin de Sevilla, Ron decided he would reclaim the heritage olive grove and build an olive oil company. He milled his first extra-virgin olive oil in 2000. We are now in the 15th year of olive oil production and, over the years, have garnered an impressive amount of awards, both in the US and on the international stage. Our packaging has also won awards: the cobalt-blue bottles – chosen because they protect the fragile olive oil liquid from light and heat – and the golden foil labels with black writing are simple but distinctive.

There are many reasons Ojai Olive Oil has gained an outstanding reputation for its extra-virgin olive oils. We produce top-of-line product because we pay attention to each part of the process: planting olive varieties known for the excellent olive oil they produce, cultivating them organically and sustainably, having all the fruit picked by hand, managing the timing during a harvest day to ensure that the olives go from the tree to the mill in less than 5 hours, and using state-of-the-art production equipment. Our olive mill was designed by a brilliant engineer, Mr. Giorgo Mori and manufactured in his company, Toscana Enologica Mori in Tavarnelle, Italy (just south of Florence).

We recommend that you always check that your bottles of extra-virgin olive oils are sealed tight and that you store them in a cool, dark place (not in the refrigerator). If you want to use a pour spout, we sell one that was designed for use by bartenders because it has 3 ball-bearings and keeps liquid in a bottle absolutely air tight. Once you’ve opened a bottle of olive oil, it’s best to use it within 3 months. Extra-virgin olive oil that was correctly produced (meaning the fruit is milled only once and no heat is added to the process!) has a shelf-life of 18-14 months (18 months is the official time given by the International Olive Council, whereas 24 months is the recommendation of the California Olive Oil Council).
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