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Infused Extra-Vrigin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil can be flavored in a wide variety of ways, creating an abundance of wonderful cooking aids. The process of crafting a flavor infused olive oil begins with selecting the appropriate oil for the flavor you wish to use. Our extra virgin olive oils range in taste from mild and sweet to bold and peppery, and each has qualities that work particularly well with certain herbs and fruits. Our flavored olive oils are made using all natural and fresh ingredients from our ranch in Ojai. As such, we have chosen to use herbs that flourish in Ojai, as well as citrus, a hallmark of the Ojai Valley.

To create our citrus flavored oils, the diced citrus fruit is literally thrown into the mill along with the olives, so that the crushing process can release the oils. Oil loves oil, and the different olive and citrus oils find each other in the final stages of the process, yielding a wonderfully infused olive oil. For our citrus oils we use our sweeter olive oils, mostly from the Columella trees, with some Picholene. We have chosen to use Satsuma Mandarins for our Mandarin oil and Eureka Lemons for our lemon oil.
In the case of our herb infused olive oils, we have chosen to use Tuscan Blue Rosemary, Sweet Basil, and Artichoke Garlic. All of these herbs grow happily in Ojai, and the rosemary garden here even pre-dates our arrival to the ranch. Extracting the oil from herbs takes some more time, so creating our herb flavored olive oils involves weeks of soaking the herbs in the oil to achieve just the right degree of infusing. For our herb infused olive oils, we use mostly our Italian olives, from our Pendolino, Frantio, and Leccino trees.
Between all of our flavored oils, the cooking options are limitless. From soups to salads, veggies to meats, or just with some good bread and cheese, we know you will love exploring all of the possibilities. Please remember that high quality extra virgin olive oils should be kept like wine – in a cool dark place, and sealed air-tight. The big difference though is that olive oil should be used quickly. Unlike wine, olive oil will only degrade in quality over time, so it’s best when it’s fresh. We only sell olive oil that was made in the current season, so nothing you get from us will ever be more than 12 months old. Extra virgin olive oil has a shelf life of 18 months, so you will always have a minimum of 6 months to consume our oil at its best.
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