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At Ojai Olive Oil, we make it a policy to only give our customers olive oil that was produced in the current season. Any oil that remains when the next harvest comes around is used for our cosmetics. This oil is still extra virgin and very high quality, and becomes the main ingredient in our soaps, creams and lotions.

All of our cosmetics are hand-made and packaged here on the ranch. We use only the minimum amount of preservatives required to keep the products safe and stable at room temperature, with every other ingredient being all natural and organic. The difference is extraordinary, and anyone who uses these products will swear by them. When it comes to spreading things on your body and face that are directly absorbed through your skin, it makes sense to keep things fresh and natural. Your skin will thank you.

As our cosmetics products are all natural, they do have a shelf-life. We recommend consumption within 12 months. Our Face Cream is the most time and temperature sensitive, so its shelf-life can be significantly extended it is kept refrigerated. 

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